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Threading the West

Welcome to my blog, “Threading the West”!  I’m just an Arizona born and raised cowgirl treading the West with my sewing machine and a passion for costume design.  From my daily design work in my private studio here in the historic town of Tombstone, Arizona  to my costuming work on the set of movies,  please join me as I bring my musings to life through fabric and thread. 

I am a Victorian soul living in a modern world.  I know many of you understand this feeling of being “misplaced” in the wrong time period.  Because I seem to have been born into wrong era,  I have spent my lifetime seeking out the longings of my soul through creativity.

Fabric is a creative medium through which I have been able to transport myself back in time. Fabric enables me to bring to life the Victorian era visions I see in my mind and make them real and tangible in this modern world. Nothing brings me more serenity and pleasure in life than to create beautiful things from the inspiration of the bygone past. 

Along with my costume design work, I have also put a lot of time and energy into my digital art photography and videography work as it helps me place the garments I make into a visual Victorian world. I take great enjoyment in creating digital scenes from the musings of my mind so I can share those imaginary worlds with other people and help resurrect the Victorian past.    

With the help of my incredible husband, film actor Craig Hensley, and my sweet Golden Retriever, Coosa, I look forward to sharing with you my designing and sewing projects, the amazing historic places we love to visit,  the amusing and sometimes hilarious ventures we pursue, and all that inspires us here in the Great American West.   We’d love for you to come along with us as we tread (“thread”) the West. Thanks for visiting my Victorian world!       

–  Jenna

As always, thanks for reading!