“Jenna Miller stepped up to the plate beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. Her costume design (for the film Common Threads) was truly exquisite and elevated the film to a higher level.”

– William Shockley, Producer/Director/Actor, Team Two Entertainment

“Jenna Miller and Craig Hensley are the consummate professionals.  They love what they do and it really shows.  Their willingness to work with what I requested far exceeded expectations and I couldn’t be happier.  Jenna and Craig were there every step of the way, capturing and recording the trip of a lifetime.  These two very talented people provide a finished product that is nothing short of outstanding!”

– Steve Mason, Temecula, CA

“I had the great fortune to be a part of the Wyatt Earp Vendetta ride out of Tombstone last year and it was also to my benefit, at least appearance-wise, to have Craig and Jenna along as photographers. The ride was memorable by itself but the photography of Craig and Jenna was beyond expectation. The boundless creativity of these two and their team provided photos that not only make me look good, no small task in itself, but memorialized the entire experience for me that I will forever cherish.  You don’t have to take the Vendetta Ride to reap the benefits of Ravenna Old West with Craig and Jenna. Anything innovative that one could need from clothing design to photography and more can be met by these two creative geniuses. They, along with their team, can not only take your idea to reality, they will put in little creative touches that will further bring things to life. I cannot recommend them enough. And I look forward to them working their magic again this year when I return to ride with the Vendetta riders.”

– Brent S., Sylmar, CA

“”A Big Thank You to Jenna & Craig for their hard work during our 2017 Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride.  Unsurpassed… Exceeded All Expectations…. Extremely Hard Working… quickly come to mind.  The excellent photos and posters you created for the riders were very professional and well received by the Vendetta Riders.  As the owners of Great American Adventures and creators of Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride, we only want the very best for our guests… always!   You both proved to have a “like mind-set” for offering the very best.  We welcome you back in 2018 for our 10th Anniversary of Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride… it will be historical!”

– Steve & Marcie Shaw, Owners of www.Great-American-Adventures.com

“I first noticed Jenna Miller on a social media site, and was bowled over first by her creativity and a meticulous attention to detail. Further more, it is abundantly clear that Jenna has an obvious love and devotion to the West, western lifestyle and commitment to keeping the West alive. When Jenna announced her new business, I was in the process of thinking of wardrobe for the production, “Bucking the Tiger” and jumped at the chance to approach Ravenna. To my delight she accepted. Over the course of the next few months of pre-production I found her regular updates and numerous consultations comprehensive and conducted with a refreshing sense of professionalism. When Jenna delivered her wardrobe, on time and on budget, I was absolutely awe-struck by the beauty, quality and sheer elegance of her dresses. As an artist myself, I notice when a fellow artist goes that “extra step” to set themselves apart. The numerous “extra” details that Jenna added to her designs separated her from the norm. Jenna is an artist and treats her creations as art. I could not be happier with my association with Ravenna, Old and New West Vesture’s and Jenna Miller.”

– Craig Bergsgaard, Short Branch Productions Producer/Editor

“Shortly after I signed up for the 2017 Wyatt Earp Vendetta Ride through Great American Adventures, I was made aware of an available professional photo package through Ravenna Old West Photography.  Since this was a “Bucket List” trip for me and my buddy, I decided to take the plunge.

I can not express strongly enough how happy I am with that decision! Craig and Jenna were so fun to work with and they were everywhere taking candid, as well as posed, shots on a daily basis. Their professionalism and photo quality is unmatched, especially considering the locations they had to reach.

When I received my photos, I was genuinely thrilled. The quality and content far exceeded my grandest expectations.  They even made me look good!  Their hard work and long hours during and after the trip provided me with a history of my “adventure” that also captured the scenic beauty and historical significance of our surroundings.  My wife used these photos to make an album of the ride for me.  A personal keepsake I will cherish forever.

I can not recommend Ravenna Old West Photography highly enough.  It is definitely money well spent and will provide a lifetime of memories unavailable by any other means. Thank you Craig and Jenna for enhancing my Vendetta Ride adventure well beyond my highest hopes and expectations.  You two are the best!

– R.L., Bakersfield, CA


“Thank you Jenna Miller and Craig Hensley…your Dresses were AMAZING and you guys ROCKED the day.” There was a room full of aces in that crowd, and hard to put anybody on top of anybody else but you guys are “top shelf”.

– Craig Bergsgaard, Producer

“Such an amazing day and an amazing group of artists! I’m so honored to have been involved! Thank you so much Jenna Miller and Cat Sandstrom.
You ladies are both so talented! The gowns, the jewelry… WOW!!! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you both.”

– Shannon Thomas, Hair and Makeup Artist, Studio 3 Beauty Designs

“Jenna Miller, Jenna Miller, Jenna Miller!!! Craig Hensley, Craig Hensley, Craig Hensley !!!… What can one say, There is so much Talent here individually and as a couple/ Husband & Wife team!! Then we Add that you both are truly Genuine, Thoughtful, Passionate !! Not only did you give the best of your Art form in Modeling/Acting, We could often hear you praising everyone else too! NOT to mention the Mind Blowing Wardrobe Designs that Jenna Of Ravenna Old & New West Vestures graced the Ladies of ” Bucking the Tiger ” Short Branch Merchantile. Craig Bergsgaard Couldn’t have Select any better! Once again just showing the Man knew what he wanted, and found it in both of you!

It was my honor to design the jewelry pieces to compliment The SHOW STOPPING Ravenna Old & New West Vestures ” Bucking The Tiger ” Designs!!! Really, Jenna, your Gift is Amazing! Each Victorian Dress was TRUELY STUNNING! They were Uniquely individualize to each fatter each one of the ladies selected for the Short Branch Merchantile Cast. How you pulled Off … Having each one of the Dresses fit like a Glove… Just shows the talent and passion you feel and express in your Art! So I’m VERY Pleased you felt I was able to compliment Your Designs!”

– Cat Sandstrom of Olav Jules Designs, Jeweler for the Production www.OlavJulesDesigns.com

“Jenna Miller thank you again for being so kind and warm. You are so very talented and I was honored to get to wear such a beautiful dress. Thank you for helping me be part of something that I will look back on with such great memories.”

– Erin Alexander, Model

“I am so glad that I could be a part of this. Working with all of you was so much fun. Getting to know each of you was the bonus for which I am so grateful. Jenna, your talent is truly amazing. You are so beautiful – inside and out.”

-Cynthia  Downs, Production Assistant

“Ms Jenna Miller, I am so proud of you! You are truly an inspiration to so many. Your talent, beauty, kindness goes above and beyond (and that’s what makes a winner)! It was such an honor working with you on this project & wearing one of the most amazing dresses EVER! Keep on ROCKIN”

 – Bobbie Jeen Olson, Actress/Model/Stuntwoman/TV Host