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Initial $25.00 price is for the Consultation Fee only. Full pricing is outlined below. Let us design for you one of our bespoke film-quality Victorian-inspired gowns by Designer Jenna Miller!

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At the request of the fans of our proprietary Victorian Era inspired gowns, we now offer the option to order one of our bespoke high film quality gowns designed by Jenna Miller in custom colors specially made for YOU!.

Please Note: The $25.00 price shown above is the initial consultation price. It is not the full purchase price.  The full purchase price of our Victorian gowns is outlined in the chart below. ↓ 

Here at Ravenna Old West we are professional designers so unlike general seamstresses we do not take requests for “custom” garments designed by someone else. We also do not do reproductions of someone else’s work. By ordering one of our gowns, you are hiring us for our professional design skills and our own styling expertise which means we do all the designing for you, in the same way we design costumes for movies. We create only our own unique proprietary gowns. What we offer you is an exquisite gown tailor made and designed specially for you from the stylings of designer Jenna Miller with the Ravenna Old West brand.

We do not consider our gowns as articles of clothing but rather as elegant works of art.  They are created with exquisite visual appeal in mind using professional draping and couture techniques.  They are finely detailed and completely hand crafted from scratch of only the finest materials.  We utilize the same professional techniques on our gowns that we use on the set of movies so each of our gowns are silver screen worthy.  They do not leave our shop until every detail is checked over with a fine-toothed comb.

Something unique about our gowns is that they are specially made to be adjustable in the waist, so if your weight fluctuates to within one size up or one size down in your waist area, the gown you order will still fit you. Also our gowns are uniquely made of separate pieces so they can be interchangeable.  You can change up the style of your gown simply by swapping out the pieces.  These are just a few of the unique attributes that make our gowns worthy investments.

ADD ON A CUSTOM MADE MATCHING VICTORIAN HAT OR DECORATIVE HAIR COMB TO YOUR ORDER!  We will make a matching hat or Victorian style hair comb in your style choice from our collection from the same fabrics of your gown. Hats & combs are shipped separately.  Please allow 3 days production time on hats & combs beyond the production time of your gown. Click the hat button to see pricing and style choices:


Pricing shown in chart is before tax and shipping.  Shipping within the US is $19.95 per gown. (Please refer to the Standard Sizing chart in the photos above to compare our sizing to your general body measurements.↑ At this time we only offer gowns in sizes up to 16. Each gown is tailor made to fit your exact body measurements so the Standard Size Chart is just a guideline for pricing.)

We also offer unique specialty detailing like hand ruching, adding hand made flowers, leaves & delicate decorative touches, embroidery, hand painting, hand dyeing with “over dyes”  and professional “aging” techniques on our gowns for an extra fee. If you’d like to bring your gown to the next level of artistic brilliance contact us directly regarding Specialty Detailing pricing 520-508-3184.



(1) Make your selection of the gown style and silhouette you would like from the 2 options shown above in the listing photos – Victorian Evening Style Gown or Victorian Walking Dress Style Gown. (The illustrations are merely examples of the style choices and the photos are just some examples of our previous work.)

(2)  Place your order for a $25.00 consultation with our professional design department. Consultations are non-refundable.

(3)  We will then contact you via phone to discuss what color options and types of fabrics you would like (see below for the types of fabrics we work with) and to find out if you have any special requests regarding your gown.  We do not guarantee we can meet all special requests but will definitely do what we can. (Please note that color and fabric options are dependent upon supply availability.)

4)  After the phone consultation we will create a professional colored illustration of the design we will create for you which will reflect the options you chose in the consultation. You will have 3 days to review it and decide whether you like it and want to proceed with your order or whether you would like to cancel your order.  If we do not hear back from you within the 3 days time limit, your order will automatically be canceled. (Please note: All of our fashion illustrations are copyright protected. The illustration sent to you will be for your own personal viewing only. Any posting/sharing of the illustration on the internet, emailing, reproducing and/or providing it to any other business professional is strictly prohibited and will be enforced by Arizona state copyright law.)


7)  Once we have your approval on the drawing, we will then email you an invoice from the ssl secure Paypal service outlining the total cost of your gown to include shipping and any taxes. (Gown prices are outlined above.)  You can also pay us directly with check or credit card if you prefer.  Unlike most made-to-order, tailor-made or custom makers, we do offer a partial money back guarantee on our made-to-order gowns.  We require a $100 non-refundable deposit on all gowns which is included in the purchase price but the rest of the purchase price (except for shipping) is completely refundable should you be dissatisfied with your gown. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

Please note: Due to the costume-like nature of our gowns, they are fully protected by a specially sealed and strategically placed tagging method which prevents them from being “borrowed” (used for events, projects, films, weddings, photoshoots, etc. and then returned to us for refund). Any gowns returned to us with tags cut, removed or tampered with in anyway will not be valid for refund. Please see our Rental Costumes if you would like to temporarily use one of our gowns. Please click on this link to view our entire Return Policy:

6)  Once we have received your payment in full, we will then shop the fabrics and trims from our resources.  Because our gowns are sold as “one-offs” and are therefore not mass produced, we are unable to keep the fabrics in stock from our large-quantity wholesalers and therefore we must shop for the fabrics for each gown independently. Fabric options are subject to availability.  We hand pick only the finest selection of fabrics for our gowns. (Scroll down for our list of the specific fabric types we work with.↓) During the shopping process, we will be in regular contact with you about fabric choices and will be sending you fabric photos and swatches (if available).

7)  During this time we will also have you take proper body measurements and fill out our Victorian Gowns Measurement Form.  Click here to view: We will be standing by to assist you with any questions you might have about the measurement taking process and about gown fit.


8)  Once we have all fabrics, trims and body measurements in hand we will immediately start the design and construction process on your gown.  Because fine quality, tailored, handmade garments of this caliber take much time and attention to detail, we require up to 4 weeks processing time (prior to shipping) to complete your gown starting from the day after we have obtained all the materials and your measurements. Total processing time from consultation to completed gown can be up to 6 weeks. If you are needing a rush order, contact us directly at 520-508-3184 and we will see what we can do to accommodate that depending on schedule.

9)  Once your gown is complete and has passed our quality assurance inspection, you will be notified and the gown will be shipped to you. The shipping cost is outlined above.  We ship USPS and our gowns are all beautifully gift-wrapped for you by hand in Old Fashioned Victorian Era style at no extra charge simply because we want you to receive your beautiful gown the way you would have if you had bought it in the actual Old West.


We make our gowns of only the finest high-end fabrics that lend themselves perfectly to Victorian Era styles.  We do not use satin in our garments simply because it has become so correlated with generic mass produced costuming.  We prefer to use gorgeous textural fabrics like real silk and beautiful velvets, brocades and damasks.  For more affordable options, we also offer taffeta and beautiful cottons. We NEVER use cheap lace on our garments.  We only use trims and laces of fine quality and delicate styles that lend themselves to the very best Victorian era finery.

Additional information

Return Policy

The $25.00 consultation fee is non-refundable. We also require a $100 non-refundable deposit which is included in the purchase price of our Victorian gowns. The rest of the purchase price (minus the shipping) is refundable should you be dissatisfied with your gown upon receipt. Returns require an RMA # and must be returned within 10 business days of receipt. DUE TO THEIR COSTUME-LIKE NATURE OUR GOWNS ARE PROTECTED BY A SPECIALIZED SEALED TAGGING SYSTEM THAT 100% PROHIBITS THEM FROM BEING "BORROWED" (USED AND THEN RETURNED TO US FOR REFUND). Any gowns returned with tags cut, torn or tampered with in any way will not be eligible for refund. Please visit the "Returns & Shipping" tab under the "Store" tab above further details regarding our Return Policy and the timeframes required for returns.


All of our gowns are shipped via USPS Priority mail 1-3 day shipping. For further information regarding shipping please click on the "Returns & Shipping" tab under the "Store" tab above.


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