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We now offer custom movie poster design services.  Our graphic design department will create a dramatic custom design using your own personal photos.  Our posters are printed in high quality and are a 16″ x 20″ size.  Though we specialize in Western style posters, we are able to create any design style you wish such as sci-fy, fantasy or modern.  

Here’s how it works:

1)  Take a snapshot of yourself with a smart phone or a good resolution camera following these guidelines:

– Take the photo with a solid colored wall behind you.  A white backdrop is generally preferred.  The wall color must starkly contrast from your hair color, clothing and skin tone though so if you have blonde hair for example,  use a bright white backdrop. If you have white hair use a darker backdrop.  Please ensure that the wall is a solid color and has no texture or lines. This enables us to digitally abstract you from the backdrop.

– Make sure you are fully lit with good even lighting.  Natural light is the best.  Also ensure that there is not a dark shadow behind you on the wall and that you are not too brightly lit causing you to be “washed out” by the light.  Move lighting position to compensate.

2) Email the photos to us in their highest resolution.  You can also send them to us via Dropbox or Google Drive.  Any photos sent that do not meet the requirements listed above will be rejected.  The quality of your photos which we will implement into your poster will be determined by you.

We will then call you to discuss what style you would like your poster to be and if you have any specific desired color scheme, background, and wording you would like for the poster.  (Emailing us examples of what you would like would be great but just be aware that we do not copy the work of other artist’s due to copyright restrictions and also because we respect the original works of others and do not want to steal their ideas.  We can use the examples as inspiration but each of our movie posters are ultimately designed with our own unique artistic touch.)

Once the design is finished and the poster printed, we will ship the poster to you as well as email you a digital low-resolution version for web sharing purposes.  Additional prints of the poster can be purchased by clicking this link:

Please allow up to 3 weeks production time on all movie posters prior to shipping. 

Shipping charges within the US are included in price.  

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Custom Personalized Movie Posters are non-refundable.


Shipping charges within the US are included in price.