This page is to introduce our new rescue Golden fluff pup, Charis (pronounced KARE-iss).

As those of you who already follow us know, we recently lost our precious Golden Retriever Coosa after having her for 14 1/2 wonderful years. She was our soul dog and truly the very best dog we’ve ever had the privilege of having in our lives. We will miss her always and forever.

Coosa and I. Best friends forever.

Her loss took a very deep toll on both Craig and I and not a day goes by that we don’t still break down about it.

I love all dogs but Golden Retrievers hold a very special place in my heart and I’ve had three of them in my life previously. Charis now makes four. When I introduced Craig to Goldens, he too fell in love with the breed.

Though we could never replace our Coosa, Craig and I had a lot of love and a happy, comfortable home to give another Golden, so we started our search.

We applied to all the Golden Rescues here in Arizona as well as nation wide rescues, with our primary focus being on wanting to rescue one from the horrible meat markets in China. Unfortunately, right after our applications were accepted and we received approval, the CDC banned international travel for dogs.

Then one day out of the blue, a 3 month old Golden puppy with a large lump on the back of her head who was in need of a forever home came to our attention. The minute we saw the photos of her and her odd cone-shaped head, we knew right then that she was the one. To us she was “perfectly perfect in every way” (Thank you, Mary Poppins). We traveled 900 miles to get her and her “gotcha” day was a day we will always remember.

Charis with her crown on her sweet little head

Going into it we did not know if the lump was a tumor or something else, or if she would need extensive medical treatment. All we knew is that we would do anything and everything for this precious pup.

Once home we got her an appointment with our vet right away, who fortunately determined that the large lump was a hematoma caused by repeatedly bumping the occiput bone on her head and it shouldn’t be a problem for her moving forward. There’s a good chance that the protrusion will eventually shrink in size though it may never go completely away and she may have a bit of a misshapen head her whole life. Cosmetically it is of no concern to us because to us she is absolutely perfect. The fact that she should have no further pain from it is all that matters to us.

One thing is for certain, we will love this precious soul of a pup forever and ever and give her the best life. We are so excited about all the adventures we will have with her, just like we had with our Coosa.

We named her “Charis” (KARE-iss) which is of Greek origin and means “grace & kindness”. Kind is a word that perfectly describes the sweet disposition of a Golden. They are kind down to the very depths of their souls. The world would be a better place if we all practiced the same kindness a Golden displays.

Charis is now carrying the torch our Coosa handed to her as the Golden mascot of Ravenna Old West Studios, and the dog who now holds our hearts in her sweet paw here on earth. Coosa still holds our hearts across the Rainbow Bridge along with our other Golden “Optimus” and my childhood Golden “Lady”.

You can follow our journey with our precious new girl on her Instagram page @thevictoriangolden.

“Blessed is the person who has known the love of a Golden Retriever” – unkown

We feel truly blessed.

– Jenna Miller

Owner/Designer of Ravenna Old West