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We directed, produced and costume designed this short film as a tribute to the Pioneers who ventured West. 

 COWGIRL TOWN                                                                                                (Currently in Post Production)

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Coming soon! Ravenna Old & New West Vestures Studios in association with Aeon Digital Arts is currently in post production on our  all-cowgirl “Western Punk” style short film with a comic book flare featuring an all female starring cast: the Bandida, the Gunslinger, the Tracker, the Saloon Girl, the Rancher/Cowgirl and the Youngster who is itching for adventure. A little Old West, a little New West, and a LOT of Wild West!


COWGIRL TOWN. Deserted, dusty street. Seemingly empty of life but for the gliding rattler that smells its prey with a flicking tongue, and the sudden squeal of the desert rat that echoes across the cracked windows and tightly shut doors. Now, from the distant and shimmering heat mirage appears the Tracker, striding towards a rendezvous with destiny. A curtain twitches and a frightened face stares out. The Tracker will not come alone and when she reunites with her companeras, the four bandidas will hunt their prey as mercilessly as the snake. Gold, the scent of gold is in the air, but treasure comes with a price and they will face hard choices- will their beauty prove to be more than skin deep? For these “lady outlaws” are beautiful, yet dangerous-as the local law will soon learn. Caught in the middle is the Marshal’s daughter, faced suddenly with her own hard choices to make. Ultimately, the gang, the girl and the lawmen must all decide just how bad, or good, they really want to be, as gold fever glitters and guns are drawn.

COWGIRL TOWN is a stylized Western short film that showcases the unique and original costume designs of designer Jenna Miller ( with stunning jewelry design by Olav Jules Designs and remarkable leatherwork by Stones River Leather

Written and directed by Craig Hensley, COWGIRL TOWN incorporates a touch of Comic Book Super Hero flair and look, both in production and costume. The women of Cowgirl Town are as unique and distinct in their clothing as they are in their preferred weaponry. These ain’t your Grandmother’s cowboy duds!

Also featuring Hair & Makeup design by Shannon Thomas of Studio 3 Beauty Designs and Still/Set  Photography by Bill Bonner of Reign Photography

Starring: Bobbi Jeen Olson, Jenna Miller, Julia Hastings, Tiffany Corbin and Celeste Cain with Craig Hensley and Steve Conklin
The Wild West is about to come alive in a very different way!

Limited editions of the costumes from this production will be available for purchase once the production is finished.  Costumes will be posted for sale here on our page at that time. For updates regarding this production please follow us on Facebook.

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Jenna Miller as "Slick"

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