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Custom Made Personalized Movie Poster


Dramatic Personalized Professional Movie Poster by Ravenna


Gritty Movie Poster

Spaghetti Western Movie Poster

Classic Movie Poster

“Hallmark” Movie Poster

Modern Movie Poster

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Product Description

Immortalize your trip to Tombstone, Arizona with a unique movie poster style professional photo session by us or send us your quality photos long distance and we will custom design a professionally made personalized dramatic 16″x20″ Western or your choice of style MOVIE POSTER starring YOU and/or your friends/family and/or pets.   They also make great gifts and can be customized for graduations, weddings and other events! Select from the options above.  Price is for 1 poster.  Additional prints are a discounted price. 

These are not generic template posters.  Each one is custom designed and original –  specially made just for YOU. The posters shown above are merely examples of our work. You can chose from these different styles of effects:  Gritty (a dark grungy gritty style with mystery and intrigue), Spaghetti Western (a fun take on the colorful retro Spaghetti Western movie posters), Classic ( in the style of the Golden Age of Hollywood reminiscent of vintage movie posters of John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe etc.. Choose it in either black & white or technicolor style) , “Hallmark”  (a beautiful feel-good style poster with soft lines and light. This one is particularly great for wedding gifts as it can be very romantic looking.) Modern (choose this option if you would like a streamlined modern look to your poster.)

Please note: Doing a professional photo session directly with us for your movie poster will ensure the best outcome as we can custom tailor the photoshoot to meet the most dramatic & high quality needs required.  

Your movie poster can be created either of these two ways:

1)  If you are planning a trip to Tombstone, AZ or anywhere in Southeast Arizona within a 3 hour drive from our studio in Tombstone, we can schedule a photo session with you where we will meet you at a specific location and snap a few different dramatic professional photos of you in different posses.  Scheduled shoots are dependent upon availability.  Check with us directly on available dates by calling 520-508-3184 prior to ordering.  We will then digitally create and print a stunning 16×20 poster of you which can either be delivered in person or mailed to you, depending upon the timeframe of your visit and the amount of time needed to create your poster (this varies).  ( For photoshoot locations outside of Tombstone, AZ an additional fee for travel expense will be added.)

2)  If you would like to order your poster long-distance and want to provide your own digital photos,  just send the high resolution digital versions to us either by Dropbox.com or send them to us on a CD in TIFF or PNG format.

Your photos must meet these very specific requirements or your order will have to be declined and your money refunded:

  • If you are sending professional photos done by a licensed business or photographer, you must get a signed copyright release from your photographer giving full permission for us to use the photos in a poster designed by our company for your own personal use.  Click the following link to download the Copyright Release Form which will need to be signed and sent to us via mail with ORIGINAL SIGNATURES.  NO COPIES!  http://ravennaoldwest.com/copyright-license-release-agreement/
  • Photos will need to be sent to us in high resolution digital files no less than 16″ high (4800 pixels) at 300dpi (Dots Per Inch).
  • Photos will need to be clear and well defined with no blurry edges and must be well lit (not overexposed or underexposed).
  • Subjects (people or animals) in the photos whom you want to be featured must have a clean unobtrusive backdrop behind them. No busy backdrops.  Solid white backdrops are the best to ensure a good clean poster outcome.
  • Photos must not contain any nudity or crude behavior.
  • Subjects in the photos whom you want to be featured on the posters must be well in view, meaning they cannot be hidden by other objects in the photos and they must be up close in the photos and not far away in the background.
  • The best kind of photos for the posters are 1 good clear close up shot of the person(s) from the waist up and 1 full length shot of the person.  Dramatic poses are best to make the poster intriguing.

 All movie posters created by our company are copyright Ravenna Old & New West Vestures LLC. All rights reserved.  By purchasing a movie poster from our site you will be given a copyright release license granting you permission to use the movie poster for your own personal use only.  This license does not include use for printing, copying, creating derivative works of or use that results in financial gain including but not limited to: advertising, stock photography, print sale profits or resale of any nature.  For movie poster design services for businesses, productions, resale or any commercial purposes, please contact us directly.  

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Custom Personalized Movie Posters are non-refundable.


Shipping charges will be refunded if your poster is completed within the time you are in the local area, in which case we will hand deliver the poster instead. Additional shipping fees will be charged for international orders.