Autumn Annabelle Saloon Girl Costume Set with Hat

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Autumn hued saloon girl style costume set complete with matching hat. 

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The stunning orange, gold and brown hues of the fall season is what inspired this one-of-a-kind striking film quality saloon girl design by Jenna Miller. The corset and short skirt are made of a rich damask fabric while the bustled long skirt is of a soft silk champagne velvet. This entire set is adjustable to within a 26″- 30″ waist size and 34″ – 38″ bust size but best fits a 27″ waist 34″ bust.   Included in this complete set is:

  • Fully boned corset with 1/4″ spring steel boning and gold toned buttons
  • Front short skirt with ruched velvet overlay
  • Back bustled silk velvet long skirt with ruffles
  • Beige 100% natural cotton muslin chemise (under shirt) with crocheted trim
  • Completely hand constructed matching Buckram hat complete with hat comb and elastic band to secure it nicely on your head (Best fits a size 6 3/4 – 7 head but since it is meant to be worn resting on top of the head rather than pulled down onto the head, it can also work with a larger head size.)  

(Bustle pad worn under bustle skirt not included.)


We spent meticulous hours hand dyeing and “grunging” the edges of this outfit to give it an awesome gritty look and to add depth. We utilize the same professional specialized “distressing” methods we use on the set of films to make this outfit look bad to the bone without compromising the integrity and quality of the garment.  Each piece of this outfit can be worn separately so you can wear the corset or the chemise with another of your favorite modern Western outfits, for example.  They look super cute with boots and a pair of blue jeans!

All of our proprietary garment designs are high film quality as befits designer Jenna Miller’s origins as a movie costumer, and she carries the same expertise and care into the full array of her designs. We utilize specialized aging and dyeing techniques on our garments to give then depth, grit and special textures which sets them apart from mass produced factory made clothing. Each piece is carefully and skillfully hand crafted of the finest materials in our private studio right in the heart of Tombstone, Arizona.


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Care Instructions

Dry Clean Only. (The chemise by itself can be hand washed and laid flat to dry but the rest of the costume must be dry cleaned.)

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Due to the costume like nature of our garments, our return policy prohibits our garments from being "borrowed" (used and worn and then returned to us for refund). Please visit the Sheriff's Office in our online town to read the entire terms of our Return Policy before purchasing an item.


This costume set is adjustable and can fit waist size of 26" – 29" and bust size of 34" – 38" though it best fits a 27" waist and 36" bust.