Our Team

Here at Ravenna we love our team of models, colleagues and business partners and feel quite privileged to be able to work with some of the best of the best!  This page is a tribute to all of them and the hard work they put into our film & still photography projects.

BYRON MYERS – Graphic Designer & Cameraman       Byron is designer Jenna Miller’s brother and the owner of our sister company Aeon Digital Arts. Byron is a vital part of our team as our main graphic artist. He also does some of our photography and videography and he is our 1st cameraman on the set of our short films. A highly advanced graphic artist and talented creator of brilliant things. Check out his work: http://www.aeondigi.com/


JEFF BADGER – Cameraman                                         A very dear friend of ours whom we are so grateful to have as part of our team, Army Colonel (retired) Jeff Badger attended film school in the Philippines and is now honing his skills as a writer and cinematographer. He is primarily a camera operator on the set of our short films but wears many other hats as well. 


SABRINA & JOHN FLOYD – Models/Actors/1st AD       An extremely talented couple who are very near and dear to our hearts. John and Sabrina are Steampunk celebrities Gentleman Robot and Lady Pepper.  Talented creators of some of the most brilliant Steampunk costumes and gear we’ve ever seen. John and Sabrina play the roles of our Mayor Murray & Miss Claire the Town tailor in our online 3D Old West town. See them at Steampunk events and Cons across the country. Check out their amazing work by clicking                                                  here: https://www.facebook.com/GentlemanRobot/

JULIA HASTINGS – Model/Actress                                     Another good friend of ours is the gorgeous model Julia Hastings. Originally from Germany, Julia has worked on several guest ranches here in the US, as manager and in other capacities, and has made the Southwestern desert her home.  Julia played the role of “Lilly”  in our short film Cowgirl Town (currently in post-production) and represents her in our online 3D Old West town as well. She is a talented horsewoman and an excellent model with a very striking look and is absolutely fantastic to work with on set. We very highly recommend her for modeling work so please check out her portfolio on Instagram to connect with her:                                                                             https://www.instagram.com/julia_wieck/

BETH MESSENGER – Model/Actress                               We are so pleased to have this lovely brunette as our friend and part of our team of models. She’s absolutely fabulous on camera and wonderful to work with. We highly recommend her as a model. Beth is a gal of many talents to include bull riding in her rodeo years and she is currently a writer of novels. She is also an English teacher and a talented photographer.  Beth is in the role of saloon girl “Dark Mollie” in our 3D online Old West town. She and her husband Ian Messenger own the horror film production company Catch me Kill Me. Click on this link to view their work:  https://www.facebook.com/CatchMeKillMeProd/

ROBERT FIELDS – Model/Actor                                   We cannot say enough about this talented model and actor. He’s become a very dear friend of ours and we absolutely love to work with him.  He brings much energy and skill to the sets of our projects. Well known for his role as Morgan Earp in the stage show at the famous O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Az, Robert has also been getting his feet wet in the movie industry and is pursuing a full time career in acting.  Robert played the role of Morgan Earp in our short film SHOWDOWN IN TOMBSTONE which is currently in post-production and is Saloon Keeper/Outlaw                                                      “Cole Billy Bufford” in our online 3D Old West town. We                                                          highly recommend him both as a model and as an actor.

ABIGAIL GIBSON – Model/Actress                            So much can be said of this multi talented amazing and striking red head!  We are so very glad that Abigail recently joined our team. Right out of the gate on her first shoot with us, she brought an amazing level of energy and skill both as a model and an actress.  She filled the vibrant role of our “Abby Hopper” Editor-in-Chief of the Ravenna Gazette here in our online 3D Old West virtual town beautifully and we can’t wait to work with her in our next shoot!  Abby has                                                    a background in both stage and film work which she                                                              continues to pursue and is also currently a very talented                                                          DJ.  We highly recommend her for both film and modeling                                                      work.

STEVE CONKLIN – Actor/Model                                                                                                                We’ve been proud to work with this talented actor on the set of multiple projects and we consider him a great friend.  Steve has an extensive background in both stage and film work and does a fantastic job on camera. He played the role of “Deputy Morrison” in our short film Cowgirl Town (still in post production) and has modeled for our company on several occasions.  We highly recommend Steve for both film and modeling work.



One of our favorite couples is Tombstone,AZ locals, Mike & Teresa Benjamin who play the roles of Miner Mike and Storekeeper Clementine in our online 3D Virtual town. We highly recommend both of them for film and modeling work. Because so much can be said of these two wonderful people we thought we’d share a bit of their story in Teresa’s own words:

“We met in Bemidji Mn June 1, 1987. Moved to Colorado in Oct. of the same year. Colorado is where we developed our love for western history and donkeys, the backbone of the west. Mike is a master upholsterer specializing in antiques so his work took us to places like Cripple Creek and Victor, he did all the upholstery work for the Imperial Hotel. Watched our first gunfight at Buckskin Joe’s outside of Canon City, by the Royal Gorge Bridge. We were hooked. We adopted Zeke the donkey (our pride and joy) in ’89, and with his help, we started doing different charity events for Children’s Miracle Network, the March of Dimes, and the Cancer Society. Colorado was great but we never quite felt like we fit in. Mike decided to make an honest woman of me, yep we decided to make it legal, but Mike insisted on having Tombstone on our wedding certificate. In June of 2000 we landed in Tombstone and said the “I do’s” in Big Nose Kate’s Saloon. Fell head over heels in love with the town. In 2002 we moved to Tombstone! We were home! Zeke and his wife Gypsy joined us 6 months later. Mike and Zeke were a hit. You can see pics of these 2 all over the world. From professional portraits from Michael Paul Photo works, paintings from Clement Scott, and the tourists of Tombstone. Mike continued to do his upholstery, in 2015 Mike was honored by being part of the rebuild team, recreating the Abraham Lincoln Hearse for the 150th anniversary. The original hearse was destroyed by fire, so they only had a photograph to go by. We were even invited to Springfield Ill. and was a part of the funeral procession. Me, well I had my hands in a lot of different things, trying to absorb as much Tombstone history as I could. I worked at The Bird Cage, Boothill Graveyard, Big Nose Kate’s, The Chamber of Commerce, The Good Enough Silver Mine. I joined the Tombstone Vigelettes and became a proper lady for a short time. I was even in a gunfight or two and started the Bad Girls of Tombstone. hahaha Tombstone wasn’t ready for girls with guns! In 2011 Mike, Zeke, and me started Tombstone Annual Donkey Rescue Walk. Walking to raise awareness to how beautiful these magnificent animals are. Zeke was called the “Ambassador for the donkeys”. Their last walk was on old route 66 from Ash Fork to Kingman raising donations for “All-Terrain Track Chairs for our wounded veterans, and our favorite donkey rescue. All future donations goes to www.foreverhomedonkey.com. Mike and Zeke, and I will continue to preserve, protect, and educate. You can find us on the streets of Tombstone.”