Gammons Gulch Photo Shoot

Gammon’s Gulch Photo Shoot. In the first of many photo shoots at Gammon’s Gulch Movie Set in Benson, AZ., Craig met his future wife Jenna when she stepped out of the dressing room dressed as Josephine Marcus and they bumped into each other. Since Craig was dressed as Wyatt Earp, the fates seemed to take a hand. Since then, Craig and Jenna have enjoyed modeling in many varied photo shoots, from Old West style to 1920’s Gangster to Comic Hillbillies in this wonderful venue run by two of their favorite people Jay and Joanna Gammons. Click on this link to visit the Gammons Gulch website: Photography by Carl Sparfeld and Jerry Marrion.

Wyatt & Josephine2

1920's Photo Shoot_2

1920's Photo Shoot_1





GVCC Photo Shoot