Circle the Wagons!

Helldorado Wyatt & BB Cowgirl

Craig and Jenna at the Allen Street Theatre in Tombstone, AZ.

Designer Jenna Miller and her husband, actor Craig Hensley, had a vision when they launched Ravenna Old & New West Vestures  and that was to utilize their business to help others. From that desire sprang the “Circle the Wagons” mission. Especially in today’s economy, Craig & Jenna see the growing need for artists and business owners to help each other out either through collaboration on projects or exchange of services and on down to even simple things like promoting each other’s website links or “liking” each other on Facebook. The name “Circle the Wagons” was derived from the Pioneer wagon trains when they would park all the wagons in a circle formation to form a barrier of protection. They joined their forces to help each other.

Just like the barter system that still existed in the Old West, Ravenna believes that profit can come in other forms beyond just paper money.  The talents of others have value to us as well and the trading of services has proven to be Circle The Wagonsvery productive and rewarding in our business for all parties.

We have been fortunate to have collaborated with many wonderful and talented artists already and look forward to more!

Tombstone at Twilight

Craig lending his talents as Wyatt Earp to support Tombstone, Arizona’s “Tombstone at Twilight” Steampunk event. Shown here with actor, Stephen Keith as Doc Holliday.

If you are an artist or business owner whose art or business falls under the category of things that promote either the Western lifestyle, the fashion industry, the film industry, the Old West, tourism in Arizona and/or Old West towns throughout the country or anything and everything related to the


American West please feel free to contact Jenna to discuss how your business and Ravenna Old & New West Vestures can “scratch each other’s backs” so to speak, through cross promotion or collaboration.


Craig and Jenna joined forces with the Green Valley Camera Club for a 1920’s inspired photo shoot at Gammons Gulch in Benson, AZ. Shown from left to right is actor David Hight, Jay Gammons owner of Gammons Gulch, model Michelle Davenport, photographer Carl Sparfeld, Jenna and Craig. Photo credit Jerry Marrion.

Any photographers, makeup/hair artists, actors/actresses, models, cowgirls/cowboys, horsemen/horsewomen,

ranchers, artists, reenactors, Old West historians, producers, or Western authors out there who would like further information on a prospective collaboration with Ravenna Old & New West Vestures can email Jenna at  Please put “Collaboration” in the subject line.

Let’s “Circle the Wagons” and help each other keep the intriguing history of the Old West alive!



Another aspect to Jenna’s business plan surrounding Ravenna is a desire to support causes that are dear to her heart.  Horse rescue organizations are one of these causes.Horse wind  Jenna has loved horses her entire life and strongly supports and advocates for the humane treatment of these magnificent animals. Ravenna Old & New West Vestures is currently working on collaborations with multiple horse rescues in Arizona.  For further information regarding Ravenna’s “For the Love of Horses” project, please email Jenna at 3 Grunge


As a born and raised Arizona cowgirl, Jenna is very passionate about the preservation of Old West history and culture in her home state and supports any and all Historic landmarks and buildings along with Arizona’s tourism industry in general. Ravenna Old & New West Vestures also passionately supports the ranching and farming industry in the state of Arizona.


Backdrop – Apache Spirit Ranch (now Tombstone Monument Guest Ranch)

For further information on what Ravenna Old & New West Vestures can do for you and/or your business, feel free to email us at  WE WANT TO SEE OTHERS’ DREAMS SUCCEED ALONGSIDE OUR OWN!!!

“May the Great American West live on through those who help to keep it alive!”



– Ravenna Old and New West Vestures of Tombstone, AZ