If you are a licensed business wanting to purchase our garments for use in the promotion of your company, your branding or your works of art, please contact us directly at 520-508-3184 for business related orders which are handled separately than our retail orders. We offer discounted rates as well as promotional value for certain business related projects and collaborations so please call us directly for more information on how we can assist your business with its costume/clothing needs. We are not a normal fashion retail shop. We are artists and we have set up our company so that all of our proprietary clothing/costume designs are legally copyright registered and protected not as fashion but as elements of our artistic works of art. Utilizing our designs to promote your company, brand or the artistic works of a corporation or LLC (to include paintings, photographs or film productions) without our written consent is a direct infringement of our copyrights and we will take the appropriate legal measures to protect our art. We love to collaborate with and support other business professionals so will do our best to work with you, accommodate your costuming needs and provide you with discounts to help with your projects, we just ask that you please respect our art in return. Thank you!